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Split Filter Cages

ZUKUN FILTRATION provides a wide range of high quality split filter cages for all industries & dust types.

We supply different split filter bag cages in dust control system for food, abrasive, toxic and explosive dust, and specialize in dust and fumes from Abrasive Handling, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Metals, Power, Powder Coating, Sand Blasting, Textiles, Paper, Pulp & Woodworking and many others.

Claw Connection Dust Split Filter Cage

We have different types with different materials of split filter cage, this the claw connection filter bag cage. Different split filter bag cages manufacutred according to drawings.

Clamp Type Split Filter Cages

Clamp type split filter cage used in pulse jet baghouse. Different multi-section filter bag cages widely Used in Asphalt industry, Power industry, cement industry, food industry...ect.

Rotation Connection Split Round Filter Cages

Different styles of dust collecting split filter cages used in pulse jet bag filter. Multi pieces split filter bag cage which are connecting by rotating, could be manufactured according to drawings.

Split Oval Filter Cages

Different styles of dust collecting Oval filter cages used in pulse jet baghouse. Multi pieces oval cages which are guiding plate connected, this is kind of oval filter cage widely used in Asphalt mixing industry, Power plant Desulfurization and deacidification